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Traction Therapy at Thorassic Park

What are the Types of Traction?

There are two main types of chiropractic traction: manual and mechanical.  The type of traction we use varies with each patient, based on their needs and treatment plan.


Types of Traction include:


Mechanical traction: Motorized pulleys with adjustable tension settings stretch the patient.

Manual traction: Bare hands or the use a manual pulley system is used to stretch the patient’s spine. Weights may or may not be attached to the manual traction pulley system.

Anti-gravity traction: An inversion table is used so that the body weight of the patient exerts a downward stretch on the spine.

Thorassic Park-nerve action.gif

Traction is a technique that helps to stretch the spine, decompress discs, and reduce pressure on the nerve roots. Traction therapy assists in “opening up” spinal subluxations or abnormalities and slowly shifts them back into proper alignment. Traction also assists in stretching and lengthening the  muscles and ligaments found along the spinal column. 

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Traction with shockwave therapy.
Intersegmental traction.jpg
Intersegmental Traction
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