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At Thorassic Park, we are whole body and lifestyle focused

Whole Body Vibration Exercise at Thorassic Park

​Thorassic Park is happy to offer Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Therapy.  Whole body vibration therapy is the therapeutic method of exposing the body to various levels of vibration. The physiologic effects of vibration at various frequencies and amplitudes has been studied world-wide for decades.  The underlying mechanism of WBV lies in the principle of reflexive stabilization: the cohesive function of the neuromuscular system to stabilize the body against gravity, ground reaction forces, mass, and momentum. At the body's subconscious reflex level, WBV creates a systemic response to the displacement of our center of gravity (COG); simulating our body's instinct to adapt to an unpredictable environment. This stimulated instability, triggers an intense rapid-motor response of the bodies fast-twitch muscle reflexes. The cascade of physiological effects produced by activation of the entire neuromuscular system, results in enhancements of neuromuscular communication, functional stability, enhanced circulation, and hormone production.

The body’s reflexes cause the nervous system to rapidly respond and stimulate the following systems:

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Thorassic Park_Musculoskeletal (2).png


Thorassic Park_Cardiovascular.png



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