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Want to learn more about Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics at Thorassic Park

Our feet provide the foundation for movement. Whether standing, walking or running, our bodies adjust based on that foundation. Many people can have knee pain/problems, low back pain, and even neck pain and not be aware that the cause is an unstable foundation. The doctors at Thorassic Park have received hundreds of hours of continuing education to help you get out of pain fast. Through that education, they have learned about the latest and greatest in tools, techniques, and technology.  One such they like to share with their patients is the Foot Levelers custom orthotics kiosk.

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What is the Foot Levelers Orthotics Kiosk?

The Foot Levelers Orthotic Kiosk is a machine that scans your posture, as well as the arches of your feet, while you stand on it. After your scan, you’ll get to see high-quality graphics and videos that explain the relationship between imbalances in your feet and those of your body (particularly your back). ​You’ll see just how important taking care of your feet is to the health of your entire body. Whether you’re dealing with biomechanical issues that you were born with or those that have occuerred because of poor footwear choices (like the sandals and flip flops that are popular in the warm Florida climate), the kiosk can help! Based on your scan, the machine will recommend orthotics that will correct foot issues, thereby reducing muscle, tendon, and ligament tension and strain throughout your body.  Other reasons we love this system:  ​​ Cloud-based: You can securely access the results of your scan from anywhere in the world. Progress tracking: Your Bradenton chiropractor can access old scans and compare them with newer ones. Such a comparison will show the improvements made since wearing orthotics.  ​

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