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Why Should You Consider Myofascial Release for Athletes?

Written By Thorassic Park on February 14, 2020

Myofascial Release For an athlete, nothing feels more relaxing than a massage after a busy day of training and workouts. But for some days, you may pick up strains or injuries that never seem to go away even after the therapeutic massages. Your go-to painkillers may not help either because they only mask the pain for a few hours.

If this is you, you may want to try out a specialized form of massage therapy: myofascial release for athletes.

What is Myofascial Pain and Myofascial Release for Athletes?

Myofascial pain results from the tightness or sensitivity in myofascial tissues that surround and support muscles throughout your body. Myofascial release eases these tensed and tight muscles to relieve pain and discomfort.

Since the pain begins at specific points, it’s difficult to identify the exact trigger point causing the pain. Therefore, instead of focusing on a single point, the myofascial release targets a broad area of muscle and tissue.

Common Causes of Myofascial Pain

Athletes commonly develop myofascial pain from injuries or strains on particular muscles, muscle groups, tendons, or ligaments. Other causes include:

  • General fatigue
  • Intervertebral disk injury
  • Muscle overuse
  • Repetitive injury                        
  • Inactivity
  • Medical conditions like stomach irritation

Constantly engaging in sporting activities increases your risk of developing myofascial pain. 

Myofascial Release for Athletes: How It Works

Myofascial release is a one-on-one hands-on treatment therapy, involving several techniques and movements performed by a qualified massage therapist.

A therapy session begins with a therapist gently massaging your muscles (no oil, cream, or devices involved) while feeling for any tightness or stiffness. Once the tension is located, the therapist will begin deep-massaging and stretching the area, applying an appropriate amount of pressure to facilitate its release. Your therapist will repeat the process on every trigger point until the stiffness or tightness is gone.

Besides relieving myofascial pain, this procedure has other benefits, including:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Enhances quick recovery
  • Elevates your mood
  • Relieves chronic back pain and frequent headaches
  • Helps you feel relaxed

Depending on your condition, the myofascial release may be complemented with chiropractic care. 

Get Myofascial Release for Athletes in Bradenton at Thorassic Park 

At Thorassic Park, we provide a professional but comfortable environment for all our patients. Our friendly and courteous staff will ensure you get the best possible care for quick pain relief. 

For your myofascial release or any other sports-related treatment, visit our clinic in Bradenton or call us at (941) 758-1402 to book an appointment.

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