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Why Should You Choose a Natural Headache Treatment in Bradenton?

Written By Thorassic Park on October 16, 2019

Man with a headacheDid you know that headaches are one of the most common central nervous system disorders around the entire world?

It’s true, everyone suffers from headaches now and then – some more than others.

For every 20 people you pass on the street in Bradenton, at least one of them suffers from daily headaches.

Fortunately, chiropractic care offers a natural headache treatment that can help you live a life free from pain.

4 Benefits of Choosing Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Sometimes, your body uses headaches to tell you that something is wrong. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep or drinking enough water.

Dehydration or environmental triggers don't cause 95% of headaches: they’re a primary condition themselves. Here’s why chiropractic works.

  1. Chiropractic care relieves tension throughout the neck, spine, and skull to prevent headaches.

  2. Your chiropractor wants to help you live without pain medicines. Taking OTC medications for frequent headaches can trigger a condition called medication overuse headaches.

  3. Chiropractic will address any other spinal conditions causing pain and tension.

  4. Chiropractic visits are fast, affordable, and often covered by insurance.

The doctors at Thorassic Park use three techniques to treat headaches: myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and cervical traction therapy to relieve pressure and reduce tension in your neck.

Natural Headache Treatment in Bradenton

Dr. Lee Rangel and Dr. Lucas R.B Wilson at Thorassic Park have over 40 years of experience providing customized headache treatment to patients throughout Bradenton.

His team of doctors, massage therapists, and physical therapists will create a well-rounded treatment plan to relieve the tension behind your headaches and provide long-term relief.

Your therapists may also help you identify triggers that cause your headaches and lifestyle modifications you can make to avoid headaches as well.

Headaches don’t have to be a way of life! Call Thorassic Park to schedule an appointment today by calling 941-758-1402.

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