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Myofascial Release with the Aid of Cupping - How It Works

Written By Thorassic Park on September 10, 2020

rsz cuppingMyofascial pain can be excruciating. 

Thankfully, your Bradenton chiropractor can provide you with a myofascial release treatment plan that can significantly reduce or eliminate your pain. 

Often, such a protocol will include a technique called cupping. Today, you’ll learn why this technique is so helpful for this type of pain.

What is Myofascial Release? 

Myofascial tissue is a connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and organs. Its purpose is to provide added support, as well as protection, to your muscles and bones.

Due to injury, inflammation, overuse, or stress, the tissue can become restricted, making movement difficult and painful. 

Using their hands or other tools (like cupping tools), your chiropractor can apply pressure to the fascia. The slow, gentle pressure helps to elongate the tissue. The benefits of myofascial release include: 

  • Releasing tension
  • Improving range of motion and flexibility
  • Reducing pain
  • Reducing or eliminating spasms
  • Improved blood flow 
  • Improved lymphatic flow and drainage, allowing for proper toxin elimination 

Dry vs. Wet Cupping in Bradenton – What’s the Difference? 

The cupping technique uses suction to assist with myofascial release. The cups can be made of: 

  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Silicone
  • Earthenware

The goal is to create a vacuum, which can be done with fire or a pump before placing the cup on the skin. When the cups are placed on your skin, the skin beneath rises and your blood vessels expand. Silicone cups can be moved around the skin, thereby massaging the fascia at the same time.

Wet cupping involves the technique above, followed by using a scalpel to create small incisions in the skin. The cups will be placed over the skin again to draw out a small amount of blood and impurities.

According to researchers, dry cupping is best for generalized pain, while wet cupping is best suited for inflammatory conditions. Both techniques are used at Thorassic Park. Talk to your Bradenton chiropractor about which technique suits you the best. 

Find the Pain-Relieving Solution That Works Best for You

Drs. Lucas Wilson and Lee Rangel want to help you get out of pain, which is why they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to pain relief. 

With nearly 50 years of combined experience and over 250 hours of continuing education, they’ll find a myofascial release treatment plan that works best for your unique needs. 

Are you ready to get relief from your pain? Drs. Lucas Wilson and Lee Rangel can help! Contact our team at 941-758-1402 to schedule a consultation.

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