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Extremity Treatment - A Vital Component of Chiropractic Care

Written By Thorassic Park on November 10, 2020

rsz chiropracticadjustment3You’re dealing with back or neck pain. 

Who do you schedule an appointment with? Your Bradenton chiropractor, of course!

But what if you have hip, wrist, or foot pain? The answer is the same – you need to see your chiropractor ASAP. After all, extremity treatment is a vital part of chiropractic care. 

Why Extremity Treatment and Adjustments Are Important

Remember that song in school: The head bone’s connected to the neck bone, the neck bone’s connected to the shoulder bone, and so on?

The point of that song was to show kids that the body is totally connected. As adults, though, it’s easy to forget that. Instead, people tend to compartmentalize their pain. They have a headache. Therefore, the pain is caused by something going on in their head. 

While that could be the case, it’s not the issue 100% of the time.  

Think of the body as a chain on a bike. If there’s a link in the chain that’s weak, broken, or twisted, the whole chain becomes unstable. The same is true of the body. If you have misalignment in one area, you can experience pain or weakness in another. Not only can that result in pain, but it can also make you more susceptible to injury. 

What is Extremity Adjusting in Bradenton?

If you’re experiencing pain in any of the following areas, you need to see a chiropractor: 

  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Ankle
  • Feet

Besides evaluating spinal alignment, your Bradenton chiropractor will see if you’re experiencing misalignment, strain, or tension in any of your extremities

Wherever there’s a joint in the body, your chiropractor can make adjustments. Extremity treatment is an important part of your chiropractic care and treatment plan, so if you’re experiencing pain anywhere other than your back, let your chiropractor know.

Chiropractic Education – A Great Foundation for Care

Drs. Wilson and Rangel spent a lot of time in school to complete their chiropractic education – and that gave them a great start. However, neither was going to stop there. Dr. Wilson alone has spent over 250 hours in continuing education pursuits to better serve patients. 

Both doctors have learned the importance of spinal and extremity treatments. Together, this combination will help you stay healthy, strong, and pain-free. 

Have you noticed extremity pain? Contact us right away by calling 941-758-1402 to schedule an appointment

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